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Story One – The Cellar Door

Denis, as we know, is a man who is in the moment. Sometimes very deep in the moment. It was during one of those moments that the Cellar Door happened.

Here's sort of what happened in the late eighties, as related to us by Denis.

He was having a few indulgences with a bunch friends (a bender actually), and as the evening wore on, so did the intensity of the moment and the activity around cause of the moment escalated.

He somehow took to the land with a digger and managed to successfully dig a massive hole in the ground. Miraculously, no one was hurt. When he came to a day or two later and saw the hole, his mind started working towards a cover for the hole. A building was the most obvious thing, and so he did just that, built a brick structure over the hole.

The council went apoplectic as you can imagine, but somehow, with the help of his old mates, they managed to secure the structure, cement sprayed the ìwallsí of the hole and Bingo - the Matawhero Cellar Door was erected and is still standing in the same spot today, it even seems well planned and structured. The 'hole' is currently filled with old wines; it feels like it has been there for hundreds of years. The building incurred some damage during the 2007 earthquake, but is still standing!

When the Searle's took the property over, there were moats, trees, shrubs and benches surrounding the Cellar Door. The area has been cleared and was the venue for the official local relaunch of Matawhero in Oct 2009.