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Story Five – Everyone was drinking it even the Queen!

Since its first vintage in 1975, Matawhero has produced many excellent and often adventurous wines. Following in Bill’s pioneering footsteps, son Denis imparted his own colourful style and won fame for his Gewurztraminer – everyone was drinking it, even the Queen.

It is true to say that the Queen has sampled the delights of Matawhero on more than one occasion. On her first visit to New Zealand in 1977, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, was served the 1976 Matawhero Traminer Riesling at a state dinner in for her at the Prime Minister’s residence, Vogel House.

By 1981, Denis in his own true style had sent a shipment of wine off to Buckingham Palace including some of his award winning Gewurztraminer from the 1978 vintage. The Queen of course replied with an official telegram from Buckingham palace thanking him for the wine, “Her Majesty much looks forward to sampling and enjoying the wine”.

This official letter from the Queen is now displayed with pride in the cellar door at Riverpoint Road.