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2014 Vintage
1 June 2014

The "vintage of a lifetime" in 2013 was followed with an equally if not superior vintage in 2014. A relatively wet Winter replenished soil moisture levels which was needed with only around half the average rainfall occuring during the growing season. The dream run of weather leading up to vintage threatened to break on numerous, but patience and nerve were rewarded with near perfect ripening conditions. We were very fortunate that flavours in the fruit developed early this season.

A big positive for the team at Matawhero was the higher than normal acid retention in the fruit, providing vibrancy and length. With good fruit weight on the palate this has resulted in beautifully balanced wines.

At the time of writing this summary, most of our white wines are through their primary fermentation so you can see the quality of the wines already. The Pinot Gris form the new ENTAV-INRA clone 457 continues to impress and the 2014 Pinot Rose and other white varieties like Chenin Blanc and Albarino all look very impressive early in their lives.

The Chardonnay's are still in malolactic fermentation and have an amazing creaminess and fruit weight already. It will indeed be exciting to see if these wines can surpass the quality of 2013 once they are finished and bottled later this year.